Professional and Efficient Security Agency in Singapore
Professional and Efficient Security Agency in Singapore

Professional and Efficient Security Agency in Singapore

How to Hiring professional and Efficient Security Agency in Singapore
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In Singapore more than 230 + Security Agency Companies are working, so how should they choose the best Security Agency Companies. It’s very important to choose the best Agency for your Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Warehouse Factories, Events or Company. Security Agency is not an easy thing, it’s very much connected to the overall growth and safety of the Company. So you have to more cautious in choosing the Security Agency for your sites.

Why You Can Choose US :

Security Guards:

Security Guards is most important role-playing in the security company, and we have the Young and enthusiastic security guards. Our Security
guards are carefully recruited after thorough background and PLRD License verification and are rigorously trained and OJT in their duties
before deployed at client sites. The security guards will make sure that no harm will happen to your firm. They will keep the intruders
away from the spot and will maintain peace and discipline in the company. Our Security guards are such quality in Focus Security Services.

Software Technology:

Our company having most Advance Software Technology to provide our security guards. To make their work more easy and accurate.

The following Software we providing to our Guards.

  • 1) Qey Secure
  • 2) Payroll Software
  • 3) Scheduling Software
  • 4) Operation System Room
  • 5) Guard Tour Management Software

Hardware Technology:

Our hardware technology is designed and manufactured specifically for access control based on emerging technologies, changing industry
standards and evolving network environments.

  • 1) Remote Gate Guard System (RGG)
  • 2) Visitor Management System ( VMS )
  • 3) Bio-Metric – Attendance system
  • 4) Facial Recognition – Attendance system
  • 5) Cloaking Device
  • 6) Patrol System
  • 7) Bar code Scanning ( VMS )
  • 8) Surveillance camera


Our major strength is the well organized and extensive network that provides security services in Singapore. We are associated with many
renowned industrial and business establishments for their security guarding and staffing services. Their satisfaction and experience are
the fuel and the boost for our growth. With sincere and effective service our company has symbolized as an epitome of security
and safety.