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1) Focus Security Is Not 100% Manpower Reliant.

When a Property’s Security is 100% dependent on Manpower, Failure is bound to happen due to the human error element. Whenever a Permanent Security Officer goes for his / her Off Day, many Properties face issues such as the Relief Officer being unable to perform and many other issues which affects the Property’s Security Operations.  As such, we strongly believe that integrations brings maximum value. At Focus Security, we integrate Technologies such as the Remote Gate Guard, QEYPLUS and QEYTIME from Asiatact, a Joint Venture with Focus Security Services. This ensures that there is an added layer of Human Oversight to ensure that the Operations run smoothly.



2) Save Cost While Enhancing Security

The Cost of Security Services continues to increase due to the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) which was implemented for the Security Industry in 2016. As such, many Properties face the issue of Security Services rising every year. At Focus Security, we integrate Manpower with Technology without charging our Clients any upfront investment as we ammotize the Cost for Technology during the Security Contract. Besides amortizing the cost for our Clients, Focus Security also gives our clients a Monthly 5-10% Monthly discount when they embark on a Hybrid Security Solution (Manned Guarding + Technology) with us.



3) Transparency Through Technology.

At Focus Security, all our Sites are Constantly Monitored via the Guardhouse CCTV which is installed by Focus Security Services at no extra charge by our 24/7 HQ Command Centre led by our Duty Operations Executive with a Team of Command Centre Officers. This ensures that all our staffs deployed at our Client’s Property are executing their duties professionally. Our Staffs’s attendance is also taken by our QEYTIME System which requires the Security Officer to take a picture of themselves at the property upon arrival. The Managing Agency of the Estate is given access to view all Clocking and Attendance Report.



4) Our Staffs Are Taken Care Of.

At Focus Security, all our staffs are paid promptly and we their welfare are taken very seriously as we strongly believe that if we take care of our staffs, they will take care of your Business too. Besides ensuring that our staffs are well taken care of, we also send them for Industry-related courses which will not only improve their knowledge to do a better job but we also Promote them to take on more responsibility.



5) We don’t only take care of our Staffs; we take care of our Clients too.

We will not promise that our Services are 100% Perfect as it will be impossible to perform 100% in a Services Industry but, at Focus Security, our Operations and Business Development Team visits our Clients at the property regularly to gather feedbacks. These feedbacks are then worked on and our Clients are given an update how these issues will be solved.



6) We Ensure Our Client’s Safety & Security

At Focus Security, our Client’s Safety and Security is our top priority. As such, we provide our Clients with Complimentary Yearly Risk Assessment which gives our clients a better understanding how the Property can be secured better. This Risk Assessment submitted to the Estate’s Managing Agent for