Established Security Company In Singapore

Why Choose Focus Security?

Established Security Company – 16 Years Experience in the Security Industry.

  • No Overpromises – Focus Security Does Not Overpromise for results. We put in our 110%  Heart & Effort in all projects.
  • Regular Site Visits by Focus Security’s Management – To resolve any difficulties faced by our Clients & Staff, Focus Security’s Management Staff constantly visits our projects.
  • Honest & Trustworthy – Focus Security serves with honesty. We do not tamper with official documents (E.G. Attendance & ETC)
  • One-Stop Solution For Security & Technology – Focus Security Services is a Joint Venture with Asiatact Singapore Pte Ltd. As such, we ensure that all technology used for our clients are of top quality.
  • We integrate manpower with technology to enhance our client’s Security Needs and save costs for our clients.
  • We amortize the cost of technology for our clients (No Upfront Investment Required).
  • Focus Security has its own HQ 24/7 Command Centre to monitor all our officers deployed at our projects via the Guardhouse CCTV. Command Centre Officers can also communicate with the Security Officers deployed at the site via the CCTV.
  • All of our Officers are licensed by the Singapore Police Force.
  • Our officers are sent for customer service courses so that they are able to execute their duty professionally.

What We Offer

Focus Security Services will do a complimentary Risk assessment for the Property. This is important to prevent accidents at the premises. Upon completion, it will be submitted to the Condo
Manager together with the pictures taken for the Condo Manager to take the necessary actions.
Focus Security Services has its own Emergency Response Team which reports to our HQ every day. Should there be a manpower shortfall, they will be deployed to the site within 2 hours of the
commencement time.