Choose Focus Security, the Leading Security Company In Singapore


1) Leading Security Company In Singapore Guaranteeing Cost Saving Security Services

Focus Security is a leading Security Company In Singapore known to provide Cost Savings Security Services. Being one of the pioneer Security Agency in Singapore, Focus Security ensures that our Security Services are not 100% Manpower reliant due to the rising cost for Security Services. We stand out from other Security Companies In Singapore by integrating Manpower, Technology and Processes to deliver an Enhanced Security Service while ensuring immediate Cost Savings!



2) Reliable Security Company In Singapore

At Focus Security, Service Quality is our top priority as we appreciate our Client choosing us over other Security Companies In Singapore. Our Security Firm is known to not only provide the Best Security Services  for our Clients but also, we ensure that our Staffs are well taken care of by providing them a Rewarding Career with a guaranteed ‘’10% Higher Salary’’ Compared to other Security Agencies In Singapore!




3) Transparency Through Technology.

Being the leading Security Company in Singapore, we strongly believe in providing honest Security Service by leveraging on Technology. At Focus Security, all our Security Projects are provided with complimentary Guardhouse CCTV which is monitored by our HQ 24/7 Security Operations Centre led by our Duty Operations Executive with a Team of Command Centre Officers. This ensures that all our staffs deployed at our Client’s Property are executing their duties professionally. Our Staffs’s attendance is also taken by our QEYTIME System which requires the Security Officer to take a picture of themselves at the property upon arrival. The Managing Agency of the Estate is given access to view all Clocking and Attendance Report.


4) Our Staffs Are Taken Care Of.

At Focus Security, all our Security staffs are paid promptly, and our Staff’s  welfare are taken very seriously as we strongly believe that if we take care of our staffs, they will take care of your Business too. Besides ensuring that our Security Staffs are well taken care of, we also send them for Industry-related courses which will not only improve their knowledge to do a better job but also gives them a chance to upgrade themselves.



5) We Ensure Our Client’s Safety & Security

At Focus Security, we pride ourselves as being  one of the Security Company in Singapore which ensures our Client’s Safety and Security. As such, we provide our Clients with Complimentary Yearly Risk Assessment which gives our clients a comprehensive understanding on the Property’s Security Lapses and how it can be mitigated.