Our History

Our History

“Graded “A” by PLRD & Our Clients in 2019”

Focus Security Services was incorporated in 2003 by Mr Bill Chang, an ex-Police Officer from the British Admiralty Constabulary Naval Police Force. After leaving the Force, he worked as a Fire Safety & Security Manager in the commercial sectors. During his career, he found that many Security Companies were not executing their duties professionally.

Due to his passion for the industry and wanting to change it to be a better one, Mr Bill Chang worked hard to raise funds and started Focus Security Services in 2003 with the vision of providing reliable and trustworthy Security Services for our Company’s Clients.

Despite Focus Security Services being successful in providing our Clients reliable “Manned Guarding” services, Mr Bill Chang felt unsatisfied that many of the Security Documentations were in hard copy and the industry was too manpower reliant.  As such, he embarked on a journey to Integrate Manpower with Technology so that our Clients and Staffs would have a better experience with Focus Security Services Daily Operation. Very soon, Mr Bill Chang saw a tremendous change as documentation became neater and our Clients had a peace of mind due to Focus Security Systems which enabled them to monitor the Attendance, Performance and Incidents remotely.

In 2016 when the Ministry Of Manpower started the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) which will increase Security Officers pay significantly, Mr Bill Chang saw the need to stop being manpower reliant as this regulation would deifinitely cause an increament in the cost for Security Services. As such, Focus Security Services invested in technology which could cut down the manpower required but will still be able to achieve the same outcome.