Our Expertise

Our Expertise


As the Leading Security Company in Singapore known for it’s Man-Machine Security Services, our Condominium Security Services are different from other Security Companies in Singapore as we do not just provide Traditional ‘Manned Guarding Services. Instead of concentrating on Traditional Headcount Based Security Services, we concentrate on how we can Integrate Manpower, Technology and Processes to ensure that we are able to save cost for our Clients while enhancing their Security Needs.

Due to our unique approach to improve Condominium Security Services, we outshine many Security Companies In Singapore as our Services are not 100% Manpower Reliant! Besides providing the best Security Technology to augment our Security Manpower, we strongly believe that we should not overpromise but rather, we put in 110% Heart and effort to deliver the highest standard of Services a Security Company in Singapore can offer and prove to our Clients that they made a right choice entrusting Focus Security Services with their Estate’s Security.

As one of the Pioneer Security Company in Singapore, Focus Security brings along 18 Years Of Experience in providing Security Services to Buildings in Singapore. Focus Security outshines other Security Companies In Singapore when we provide Security Services For Buildings as our Operations do not depend entirely on Manpower but rather, our Security Solution for Buildings consist of Technology, Manpower and Processes. Our Solutions empower the Client to convert their Buildings into “Smart Buildings”. With our Security Solution, the Buildings become more secured and our Clients are able to save cost without jeopardizing the Task required to be done.


Unlike many Security Companies in Singapore, Focus prides itself with doing more tasks with less manpower. This is made possible with the help of Technology as mundane tasks are performed by Technology and our Manpower is allocated to handle tasks which is more important.


When we take on a project, we ensure that we do not overpromise but rather, we put in 110% Heart and effort to deliver the highest standard of Services a Security Company in Singapore can offer and prove to our Clients that they made a right choice entrusting Focus Security Services with their Security.

With our 18 Years of experience in the Security Industry, we have seen the issues which needs to be taken care of when going Guardless which we belive, many Security Company in Singapore may have overlooked and hence, often claims that they are able to provide “Guardless Security”

Many Security Companies in Singapore claim to be able to go Guardless simply by putting a Gate and some CCTV. However, these solutions are not practical as it does not enable the Property to deal with visitors and Security threats efficiently. At Focus Security, all our Guardless Projects are not only Safeguarded with High End Technological solutions but they are also taken care by our Emergency Response Team ready to respond to any incidents requiring a physical guard to be on site.

The secret to success for every event is its Management and Security. At Focus Security, we communicate with the Event Organizer to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled as we strongly believe that communication is the key to success in every Event’s Security. Our highly trained Events Team are also experienced in handling different kind of Events and Operate in a very professional manner. This enables the Events Organizer to have more time to Organize other aspects of the Event, leaving Security to our Events Security Management Team.

Our Team are not only trained for Security, they are also trained with Customer Services skills which allows them to Execute their duties with professionalism ensuring that Guest’s Experience are not Compromised. Shoplifting Prevention skills are also taught to our Officers to ensure that they are able to deter, detect and report any shoplifting activities.

Focus Security’s patrol teams are able to perform regular patrols to sites to conduct external and internal checks on entry and sensitive points. Our officers can also be tasked to perform the opening and closing of premises, responding to alarm activation’s and emergencies.

Through their presence, our officers also serve as a crime deterrent.

Mobile Patrol is a cost-effective service that is ideally suited to premises that do not require permanent static security officers.

Our Protection Officers are highly trained to ensure the safety of our Client. Besides having a physical Protection Officer to ensure the safety of our Client, all our Protection Officers also report to our 24/7 Command Centre which monitors the movement of all our valued clients providing them with an added layer of Security.


At Focus Security, We strongly believe that having a Visitor Management System is vital in securing our Client’s Property entry points.  In many facilities, visitors are still registered using a handwritten paper log. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides virtually no security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see. With our QEY Visitor Management System,  our Clients are able to portray a professional appearance, enhance security and meet regulations set by the Authorities such as Personal Data & Protection Act (PDPA) and etc.

As part of our Go Digital initiative, Focus Security deploys our Visitor Management System (VMS) at all our Projects as part of our Value-Added Services. Our Clients are also given a backend system to view the Visitors, Delivery, Contractors and Etc. Details which gives them a good understanding of the Hourly, Monthly and Yearly Traffic Flow.

QEY Secure is Focus Security’s QEY Secure is a Holistic Property Management System. Similar to many Security Companies In Singapore, Focus Security’s QEY Secure Property Management System allows our Clients to view the Attendance, Clocking, Online Incident Report Logs.

Besides being able to view these logs which many Security Companies In Singapore offer, Focus Security’s Property Management System enables our Clients to Update the Estate’s Residents and Tenants. These datas are then stored in our Cloud all through a single piece of software replacing  old-fashioned, paper-based methods that has been proven to be both cumbersome and inefficient

Remote Gate Guard system replaces or improves residential gate guards with the Remote Gate Guard System, which offers enhancements to security while decreasing guard costs. The RGGS uses the latest technology, including high-resolution digital video cameras and recorders with secure Internet connections to offer high-quality access control to visitors. The system captures every visitor’s face and license plate. Using the latest technology,  Remote Gate Guards manage visitor access and remotely grant or deny entry at gated entrances, which increases security for a fraction of the cost of a live guard.

While RGG, the security officer standing outside the guardhouse to handle visitors, can be removed/redeployed. Instead of having 01 people handling an individual site, this same person can control 3-4 different locations which increase the security agency’s productivity

As one of the Leading Security Companies In Singapore, our Staff’s Safety is our top priority. As such, When Focus Security takes on a “Lone Worker” Project which only deploys 1 Officer at the Property, Focus Security deploys our Lone Worker Monitoring System which requires our Security Personnel to “Check In” every 15 Minutes to 30 Minutes.


This ensures that the Security Personnel we deploy are constantly vigilant and also acts as a deterrence for our Security Personnel to slack off while on duty. Besides deploying the Lone Worker Monitoring System for Compliance Purposes, the Lone Worker Monitoring System is also deployed to ensure that our Staffs are safe while on duty. Should the Staff deployed at the property fail to log in to the Lone Worker Monitoring System, our 24/7 HQ Command Centre will be notified and can follow up by calling the Estate’s Guardhouse and if necessary, our 24/7 HQ Command Centre can also activate the Authorities should anything happen to the Officer deployed at the Estate.


With the Lone Worker Monitoring System deployed, Focus Security strongly believes that we are able to provide our Clients Value For Money Security Services and maintain our reputation of being one of the Best Security Companies In Singapore.

As one of the pioneer Security Companies in Singapore, Focus Security enhances our Security Services by providing Remote Video Surveillance Services for our Clients. This acts a double layer of protection for our Clients as they have a Manned Guard at the property and the Estate’s Security is further enhanced by our Remote Video Surveillance.

To maintain our reputation as the Leading Security Company In Singapore, Focus Security ensures that the Security Equipment used for our Remote Video Surveillance’s Equipment are of High Quality and Certified by the necessary Authorities.

To reduce Manpower Reliance, Focus Security is one of the first Security Companies in Singapore to innovate solutions with Artificial Intelligence Capability.We strongly believe that a Property’s Estate is easily vulnerable to threats if the Estate’s Security is 100% Manpower Reliant as Human Errors are common. As such, Focus Security’s Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

From a Small Start-up when we first started in 2002, Focus Security Services has grown over the years to be the Leading Security Company in Singapore. We are pleased to be accredited as one of the Best Security Agencies in Singapore!

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